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Commercial Directory Listing (updated July 26, 2015)
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The links below are external links to private business concerns and a listing here does not imply any endorsement or responsibility by the AIS. Note that this listing includes only those commercial concerns that conform to criteria as a current AIS Bulletin advertiser/supporter. AIS website commercial directory listings are provided on advertiser request and contingent to that criteria.

To find out how to have a listing here please go to the following area for the information: How to get listed on the AIS website ...then please read the information segment on the Commercial Directory/Listing Requirements

Commercial Listings

  • Aitken's Salmon Creek Garden commercial garden located in Vancouver, Washington, specializes in award winning irises and exotic orchids.(AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Bay View Gardens of Joseph J. Ghio the newest and finest in Tall Bearded and Pacifica irises. Send $3 to 1201 Bay St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060 for a catalog listing. (AIS Bulletin Summer 2017)

  • Bluebird Haven Iris Garden commercial garden in Somerset, California offering over 3500 varieties of bearded iris, specializing in historics, color photos (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Blue J Iris Jedlicka family iris gardens in Alliance, Nebraska, growing 4,000 hardy varieties, historics through newer irises. (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Bois d'Arc Gardens Specializing in Louisiana Irises. Thousands in bloom old and new.(AIS Bulletin Summer 2017

  • Burseen Iris The latest Tall Bearded Iris Creations from Tom Burseen. 1513 Ernie Lane, Grand Prairie, TX 75052-1106(AIS Bulletin Summer 2017)

  • C and T Iris Patch Tall Bearded and Rebloomers with 3200 varieties at reasonable prices in Eaton Colorado.(AIS Bulletin Summer 2017)

  • C. Iris On Pond Irises from Carol and Ken Coleman in Boise, Idaho.(AIS Bulletin Summer 2017)

  • Chapman Iris hybridizer and commercial garden located in Ontario, Canada. Ships worldwide via Canada Post and USPS (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Clark Gardens a north Texas garden growing Irises. (AIS Bulletin Summer 2017)

  • Comanche Acres Iris Gardens a commercial garden located in Gower, Missouri. (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Damon Gardens selling bearded iris rhizomes from Wisconsin by mail order (AIS Bulletin: Jan 2014)

  • Diversity Acres sustainably grown modern and historic cultivars.(AIS Bulletin: Summer 2017)

  • Draycott Gardens located in Maryland, Carol Warner, beardless irises and introducing pseudatas for Hiroshi Shimizu from Japan.(AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Ensata Gardens a leading specialist supplier of Japanese irises located in Michigan (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Horton Iris Garden Tall Bearded, Rebloomers, Historic, Newer irises, medians, space age. 1300 varieties.(AIS Bulletin Summer 2017

  • Iris 4 U growing and hybridizing Tall Bearded Irises for beauty, performance, and your pleasure. (AIS Bulletin Summer 2017)

  • Iris City Gardens Siberian, Louisiana and other beardless species, located near Nashville, Tennessee. Greg and Macey McCullough. (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Joni's Dance in the Wind Iris Garden newer TB irises, collector Hostas, Daylilies. 810 S 14th Street, Tekamah, NE 68061 or (402)374-2621(AIS Bulletin Summer 2017)

  • Iris Haven specializing in Louisiana irises, Australia (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Iris Hills Farm a diverse collection of bearded irises grown by Colin Campbell in Middletown Virginia, from SDB's to TB's, including many cold hardy rebloomers and locally hybridized iris. (AIS Bulletin Summer 2017)>

  • Iris Sisters Farm specializing in rebloomers, Keppel and Blyth introductions, home garden of Robin Shadlow, hybridizing for rebloomers. (AIS Bulletin: April 2013)

  • Iris Warehouse commercial gardens in Williamston, Michigan featuring over 1000 varieties of iris (TB, median, beardless, historics, space age, reblooming) and daylilies. (AIS Bulletin: April 2013)

  • Jubilee Gardens a licensed plant nursery in Roan Mountain, Tennessee.(AIS Bulletin Spring 2017)

  • Keith Keppel Iris the website of noted iris hybridizer Keith Keppel located in Salem, Oregon (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Lauer's Flowers a grower of newer irises and introductions.(AIS Bulleting Summer 2017)

  • Long's Gardens Since 1905, growing irises from the "top of the world" featuring Irises from: D. Miller, Magee, Durrance, Hall, Hoage, Jorgensen, Moller, Olson, and Stetson.(AIS Bulletin Summer 2017

  • Louisiana Iris Gardens Quality Louisiana Iris rhizomes grown in Upstate New York.(AIS Bulletin Summer 2017)

  • Mariposa Iris Irises from Douglas Kanarowski. 20% better or different, good growers, and high curb appeal.(AIS Bulletin Summer 2017)

  • Mid America Garden Paul Black/Tom Johnson, located Salem, Oregon. Bearded Irises various categories (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Mt. Pleasant Iris Farm Japanese, Laevigata, "Pseudata" and others. (AIS Bulletin Summer 2017

  • Napa Country Iris Gardens Commercial garden located in the beautiful Napa Valley wine country (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Nola's Iris Garden-Prevost Ranch and Gardens very large viewing garden open during spring bloom and grower of bearded iris.(AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Picacho Mountain Iris growing and hybridizing iris is our passion.(AIS Bulletin Summer 2017)

  • Pleasants Valley Iris Farm over 400 varieties of bearded iris (mostly tall) including space age iris, reblooming iris, scented iris and a few very special medians (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Ross Road Iris Mona L. Baisch grows Irises for eCommerce sales and has been hybridizing since 2016.(AIS Bulletin)

  • Schreiner's Iris Gardenslocated in Salem, Oregon. Fine iris for discerning collectors, one of the largest commercial growers in the U.S.(AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Scott's Iris Gardens Specializing in Tall Bearded Iris. (AIS Bulletin Summer 2017)
  • The Shady Spot a licensed and inspected garden in north Texas growing about 3,500 varieties of Irises in most classes, from historics to moderns.(AIS Bulletin: Spring 2017)

  • Stout Gardens specializing in newer varieties of fine iris and daylilies (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Superstition Iris Gardens Rick Tasco and Roger Duncan introductions and commercial grower located in Cathey's Valley, California (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Sutton's Iris Gardens located in Porterville, California. Reblooming and Space Age Iris (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Wildwood Gardens find the unusual, we specialize in all types of irises; bearded, beardless, species and species x (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

  • Wild Iris Rows Darnell and Greg Hester grows 1,000 varieties of old and new Bearded irises. (AIS Bulletin Spring 2017

  • Winterberry Gardens iris introductions of Don and Ginny Spoon, located in northern Virginia (AIS Bulletin: Oct 2012)

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