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Exhibition Reports (updated April 24, 2016)
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AIS Exhibition Committee

P.O. Box 30 Partlow , VA 22534
Phone: (540) 582-5799 |
Lois will receive the draft show schedules, approve them, send out the certificates, the show supply order form, and the show report form.

SUPPLIES: Nick Stewart
2808 NW 21st Place, Lawton, OK  73505
580-917-3035  |
Susan will receive the supply order forms and checks, maintain the show supplies inventory and ship out the orders.

SHOW REPORTS: Wayne Messer
PO Box 64, Huxley, IA 50124
Phone: (515) 597-4240 |
Wayne will receive the show reports, verify the results, mail out the medals and Exhibition Certificates, and prepare the annual exhibitions show report.

AIS Judges information: Note: If you are looking for the current AIS Judges listing it is available at the AIS Documents area of the website. The 2017 AIS Judges listing is now available for your reference. Please either follow the website sidebar navigation or you may go directly there via this link: AIS Documents

2015 Exhibition Reports <empty>Reports from the 2015 season:

2014 Exhibition Reports <empty>Reports from the 2014 season:

2013 Exhibition Reports <empty>
Reports from the 2013 season:

2012 Exhibition Reports <empty>
Reports from the 2012 season:

2011 Exhibition Reports <empty>
Reports from the 2011 season:

2010 Exhibition Reports <empty>
Reports from the 2010 season:

2009 Exhibition Reports <empty>
Reports from the 2009 season:


For the files are provided as Adobe Acrobat PDF type files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read/view these files. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free software for viewing and printing Adobe PDF files on all major hardware and operating system platforms. It is a very useful add on program that many people already have installed on their computer. If you need to get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program use this link.  Click here to get Adobe Acrobat

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