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Conventions and Activities (updated November 16, 2015)
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AIS Conventions: Calendar/Information
AIS Fall Board Meetings
AIS Section Conventions Listings


Photo: If you attend an AIS Convention, during one of the scheduled convention garden tour visits you may be rewarded with a view such as this! Lots and lots of irises!

AIS Conventions: Calendar/Information

AIS 2016 Convention: Everyone is now looking forward to the next AIS Convention which will take place in the Newark, New Jersey area. The convention will take place May 23-28, 2016 with visits to official iris tour gardens in the surrounding area.

The convention organizers have their own website and the basic information for the 2016 convention is now available for your perusal.
Please follow this link: AIS 2016 Convention~Going East

As usual we have all the convention details conveniently summarized and provided here in a special area of the AIS website to assist you in your plans to attend.
Please follow this link to the information on the AIS 2016 Convention: AIS 2016 Convention information (this link will be available in the near future)

AIS Fall Board Meeting - Each year, the AIS also has a Fall Meeting. AIS business is conducted at these meetings, and there are no garden tours. Most participants are AIS Board members, RVPs, and other office holders. All interested AIS members, however, are welcome and encouraged to go. AIS Board meetings are open to all AIS members.

Other Activities - Many AIS Sections, AIS Regions and local clubs also have garden tours, activities and meetings that you can participate in. For further information and details please contact your local AIS RVP or a local club leader (see Local Iris Societies). These people will be pleased to help you with your iris interest and to connect you with a local iris group.

Interested in hosting an AIS Convention? The AIS has prepared a handbook to be used as a reference guide when considering, planning and producing an AIS Convention. An outline on the hosting of an AIS Fall Board Meeting is also included. Please follow this link to the AIS Documents page to download the AIS Convention Handbook

AIS Conventions: Calendar/Information

AIS 2016 Convention May 23-28, Newark, New Jersey
2016 Convention Chair: Paul W. Gossett
1502 S. Boulder #12B, Tulsa, OK 74119
phone: (918) 853-6204 | e-mail:

AIS 2016 Convention Co-Chair: George Boyce
520 Dairy Road, Palmerton, PA 18071-5923
phone: (610) 824-8198 or (607) 857-8732 | e-mail:

2016 Convention Headquarters:
Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott Hotel
Newark Liberty International Airport, 1 Hotel Road, Newark, NJ 07114
phone: (973) 623-0006
website: Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott Hotel

AIS 2017 Convention May 23-27 Des Moines, Iowa
2017 Convention Chair: Kelly Norris
3149 Kentucky Avenue, Bedford, IA 50833
phone: (515) 777-2356 | e-mail:

2017 Convention Co-Chair: Gary White
701 Old Cheney Road, Lincoln, NE 68512
phone: (402) 421-6394 | e-mail:

2017 Convention Headquarters:
Des Moines Marriott Hotel
700 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309
phone: (515) 245-5500
website: Des Moines Marriott Hotel

AIS/SLI 2018 Convention April 9-14 New Orleans, LA
2018 AIS Convention Chair: Paul W. Gossett
1502 S. Boulder #12B, Tulsa, OK 74119
phone: (918) 853-6204 | e-mail:

SLI 2018 Convention Co-Chair: Joe Musacchia
509 Linda Ann Avenue, Gray, LA 70359
phone: (985) 209-2917 | e-mail:

AIS Fall Board Meetings

2016 November 4 - 5 Sedona, Arizona
Meeting Chair: Michelle Snyder, 225 Sky Line Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336
phone: (928) 282-5867
Meeting Headquarters: Hampton Inn Sedona Hotel
1800 W SR Hwy 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336
(928) 282-4700
website: Hampton Inn Sedona Hotel

AIS Section Conventions Listing
Each year there are a number of mini-conventions held by the various sectional organizations that are affiliated with the AIS. This is a reference listing of those events that has been compiled for your convenience. 

Attention convention organizers: Please contact us with the information to have your AIS sectional convention listed. contact via


Info to come...


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