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Go to the Iris Encyclopedia website: Iris Encyclopedia

What is the Iris Encyclopedia?

It is a website that has all types of information about Irises. As of December 2010, 30,000 iris cultivars and species names have been defined with their registration information or botanical diagnosis. The ultimate goal is to have information and multiple images of every registered iris, about 80,000.

You are not only invited to use the encyclopedia, but also help add to it. At its initial release 138 knowledgeable Irisarians have created what is there. You can also be a part of this project by sharing your experience, research, and images.

The Iris Encyclopedia is a wiki like Wikipedia, but specifically designed to be for irises. Together we hope to build the ultimate Iris resource on the internet.

The Iris Encyclopedia is free to all and its creators span the entire globe. It is sponsored by the American Iris Society and if you enjoy this service we hope you will join the society. If you have interests in specific types (classifications) of irises, links to the various specialty Iris societies are presented in many places and we hope you will support your favorite group.

Anyone can access the encyclopedia but if you would like to help add additional information to this encyclopedia you must register as a user. As a user you are invited to add images and comments to existing pages. If you would like to be more creative you can request docent status. As a docent you can edit pages and develop topics.

Instructions are found in the welcome sections of the encyclopedia.
If you have questions contact Robert Pries at:

Come and enjoy our encyclopedia and watch and help it develop into a world class resource. If you would like a somewhat monthly update of wiki progress, send your request to

Go to the Iris Encyclopedia website: Iris Encyclopedia

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