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AIS Public Exhibits Toolbox
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Toolbox Main Page

Exhibits at plant sales and iris shows are a great way to promote our favorite garden flower. The public is often eager to learn from gardeners who have grown Irises themselves and have knowledge of local conditions and the species and varieties that flourish there. Here AIS presents a toolbox of items you may find useful for reducing your labor and making attractive exhibits and displays. We invite you to contribute ideas and tools that you have constructed that we might share with the iris community. Suggestions and additions should be sent to: Bob Pries via e-mail:

The AIS Display Screen
AIS Poster Gallery
Informative Handouts
Exhibit Ideas
Materials for an AIS Sanctioned Iris Show

The AIS Display Screen

The AIS screen consists of a lighted table-top exhibit with Velcro-backed pictures that attach to a felt backdrop. This was designed as a attractive backdrop for one or more people talking and handing out literature. The AIS screen should be scheduled well in advance and rental is free paying only for the cost of shipping it back. The display screen measures 60" wide by 40" tall, and it arrives in a carrying case that weighs 40lbs. Rental is free but after its use the user must pay for the return of the screen which is usually around $50. The screen is valued at $1,000 for insurance purposes.

The AIS Display Screen is scheduled by contacting either Will Plotner via e-mail: for the western part of the country. For the Midwest and East, please contact Ernie Henson via e-mail:   An alternative to the AIS screen is to build your own exhibit using materials from the AIS Poster gallery below.

The AIS Poster Gallery

A selection of decorative attention getting and informative posters which can decorate a booth or be used to create an exhibit. Presently we have 3 large designs available. The posters can be used individually, mounted on poster board to create a trifold display, or however your imagination desires. Each poster is 48" x 24" and was created in MSPowerPoint. A disk can be requested free that can be printed at most Staples, Kinkos or Office Max for somewhere between $10-$30. Clubs may collect posters through time to create colorful backdrops for sales, booths or shows. We invite individuals to design additional posters that we could make available for free on this site.

To request the AIS Poster Gallery disk contact Nyla Hughes via e-mail: 

Informative Handouts

At many Iris shows it is useful to have one-page handouts for answering frequently asked questions that visitors can take home. The following information sheets are available for download. It is suggested that when a club prints these out that they run them through the printer a second time to add contact information for the local club along with the time, place and date of their next meeting.

The following downloadable handouts are MSWord documents that can be edited to include special information for culture in your Region's climate. If you have other species to add, please send them to: Bob Pries e-mail:

Available Handouts:

1. How to plant a bearded Iris - download [24 kb]
2. How to plant a beardless Iris:
Siberian - download [48 kb]
Japanese - download [24 kb]

3. AIS Membership form - download [110k]

Coming Soon:
4. Horticultural Classes of Irises
5. Frequently Asked Questions

Exhibit Ideas

Kids Corner - Some clubs provide special areas at their flower shows for youngsters. Coloring pages with crayons challenge youth to show us their vision of an Iris. Touch and feel areas provide a chance to handle flowers and learn about substance and smell. Here is the youth area created by Jean Morris and Rita Gormley, Region 18, for Jeffco Iris Show. Create your own using these materials:


Slide Shows - This is a service for AIS affiliated iris clubs/societies providing the rental of 35mm slide show presentation programs; the purpose is to help these groups supplement their activity programs in an economical way and to provide them with tools to use for garden club and other flower organization programs. There are a wide assortment of program titles available in both traditional and digital formats, and these continually evolve and change. Click Here for more information on currently available AIS Presentations (Slides and Digital Programs).

Have additional ideas for Iris exhibits?
Please contact Bob Pries via e-mail:


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Materials for an Iris Show

Putting on an Iris show can be easy but does require at least a modicum of planning. A venue must be selected and reserved ahead of time. This may require a certificate of insurance which is available from AIS (see below). An AIS sanctioned show must also be pre-approved by the exhibitions chair so that the show schedule follows AIS guidelines. The templates below will help you create a show schedule in a matter of minutes. It can then be submitted electronically to the exhibitions chair. When approval comes back you will receive an order form for AIS ribbons and show report information. It is a very simple process but must be done far enough ahead to get the approval and subsequently the show materials prior to the show. The exhibitions chair has hundreds of shows to approve so it is courteous to allow as much time as possible. It is easier to cancel a show on the spur of the moment than to create one in that way. For more information on Iris Shows one should refer to the AIS Judges Handbook. We encourage clubs to be creative but we have a template available that can be used to create a show schedule reasonably quickly and easily (see below).

Download + Links:
Basic Show Schedule [MSWord 339KB] template for an iris show
AIS Storefront - Handbook for Judges and Show Officials, Calendars, Checklists, etc.
AIS Show Insurance full details on obtaining AIS Insurance


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