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AIS Sections (updated December 21, 2016)
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AIS members interested in a particular group of irises may establish a separate organization which may be chartered by the AIS as a Section.  Membership in the AIS shall be a prerequisite for all elected officers and directors.  Sections may grant non-AIS members all Section membership rights and privileges except the right to serve as officers or directors.  Other prerequisites for obtaining and maintaining a charter as a Section, and privileges granted to Sections and their members, shall be determined by the AIS Board of Directors.  The AIS shall not be responsible for the debts or liabilities of any of its chartered sections, and shall have no power to exercise control over the Section except pursuant to any Section Charter Agreement entered into as a condition of the Charter or as provided in the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws of the Section.

for information on how to join a Section using PayPal or follow the links below to the individual societies.

AIS Sections:

Novelty Iris Society
President: Bonnie Nichols, 3365 Northaven Road, Dallas, Texas 75229
Membership: Kathy Wade, 4304 Vista Ridge Lane, Alvarado, TX 76009

Median Iris Society (MIS)
President: Hooker Nichols, 3365 Northhave Road, Dallas TX 75229
Membership: Judy Eckhoff, 7911 S. Yoder Road, Haven, KS 67543
phone: 620-931-5114 | email:

Society for Siberian Irises (SSI)
President: Patrick Spence, Cascadia Iris Gardens, PO Box 1062, Lake Stevens WA 98258
phone: (425) 770-5984 | e-mail:
Membership: Susan Grigg, 105 Trotters Ridge Drive, Raleigh, NC 27614

Spuria Iris Society
President:Andi Rivarola, 5654 Murrietta Ave., Valley Glenn, CA 91401-4708
phone: (818) 802-4188 | email:
Membership:Cheryl Deaton, 27218 Walnut Springs, Canyon Country, CA 91351
phone: (661) 252-6771 | email:

Society for Japanese Irises
President: Patrick Spence, PO Box 1062, Lake Stevens, WA 98258
Membership: Jody Nolin, 5184 CTY RD 20, Rushsylvania OH 43347

Reblooming Iris Society
President: Riley Probst, 2701 Fine Ave, Modesto, CA 95355
Membership: Rose Kinnard, 1649 Madison 504, Fredericktown, MO 63645-8303

Dwarf Iris Society
President: Bob Pries, 107 Brothers Drive, Roxboro, NC 27574
Membership: Dave and Debra Miller, 61 Laconwood Drive, Springfield, IL 62712

Society for Pacific Coast Native Irises
President: Bob Sussman, 12142 Alison Drive, Santa Rosa Valley, CA 93012
Membership: Kathleen Sayce, PO Box 91 Nahcotta WA 98637-0091

Species Iris Group of North America (SIGNA)
President: Will Plotner
Membership: Rodney Barton, 3 Wolters Street, Hickory Creek, TX 75065

Historic Iris Preservation Society (HIPS)
President: Cathy Egerer, PO Box 456, Grand Marais, MI 49839
phone: 989-513-2614 | e-mail:
Membership: Judy Eckhoff, 7911 South Yoder Rd., Haven, KS 67543

Society for Louisiana Irises (SLI)
President: Robert Treadway, 7619 Hwy 13 North, Carlisle AR 72024
phone:(870) 854-456 | email:
Membership: Ron Killingsworth, 10329 Caddo Lake Rd., Mooringsport, LA 71060

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